Beware! New Crypto Scam Targets Gamers: FBI Warns of Potential Fraud

• The FBI has warned of a new crypto scam that targets gamers by promising them fake rewards in exchange for completing in-game tasks.
• Criminals contact victims online and build relationships with them, eventually introducing them to a game where they can purportedly earn cryptocurrency rewards.
• Once the victims buy into this asset, they are persuaded to put more money into their wallet and the scammers make off with the money.

The FBI Warns of New Crypto Scam

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has announced that a new way of tricking crypto fans and investors is making its way through illicit circles. This latest crypto scam specifically targets gamers by offering fake rewards in both online and mobile games that users can play.

How It Works

Criminals contact victims online and build relationships with them over time before introducing them to an online or mobile game, in which players purportedly earn cryptocurrency rewards for completing certain activities like growing “crops” on an animated farm. Security experts compare this process to how romance scams work, though instead of seeking romantic partners, scammers are looking for gaming partners who might be interested in what appears to be lucrative opportunities.

Red Flags

Given the volatility and speculation associated with digital currency trading, there is no guarantee of returns from any investment made through these false platforms. In fact, millions of dollars have already been stolen from unsuspecting investors since the scam began circulating – a major red flag for anyone considering investing in any form of cryptocurrency asset.

Protect Yourself

To avoid becoming victim of such scams, it is important to remain vigilant when engaging in any crypto activities online or via mobile apps. If you receive offers that seem too good to be true or appear suspicious in any way, it is best to ignore such offers altogether as they could lead you down a path towards financial losses instead of gains.


It’s never worth taking risks when it comes to your financial security – so stay informed on the latest developments regarding crypto scams and always be sure you understand exactly what you’re getting yourself into before investing anything into unknown digital assets or platforms!